About Us

Our company was founded in 2000 and after gaining years of experience, in 2011 we have made investments for machinery and building in polycarbonate sector with our experience and vision. In our new factory located in Dilovasi Industrial Area, polycarbonate lighting products are produced with the properties of high termal insulation, light transmission, impact resistance and UV protection.


In addition to these high quality polycarbonate products, Polinet offers the best systematic solutions that will meet the lighting requirements of architectural structures by supplying aluminium profiles and other accessories. By the wide range of products and systematic solutions, Polinet’s applications are performed quickly, easily and safely.


Please see below our product range;

  1. U-Lock System Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel – Megalux
  2. Interlocking Polycarbonate Panel Systems – Multilux – Newlux
  3. Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Systems – Thermolux
  4. Trapezoidal Polycarbonate Panel System – Grecalux
  5. Polycarbonate Panel Systems Between Roof Sandwich Panel – Easylux – Masterlux
  6. Roof and Wall Windows & Automation Systems

Also you can have more detailed info about our products via below mentioned link;

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Regarding our international projects, you can visit our Linkedin company page;


Also please see below videos about how to use led lighting system with our polycarbonates in facades.