Polinet facade polycarbonate skylight products and systems provide many alternative and advantageous solutions for different building types. Polinet Polycarbonate façade products allow the light to spread homogeneously and protected from ultraviolet, while offering superior features such as unique structure and details of the systems, durability, heat, wind and water insulation. Window and automation systems for natural ventilation and smoke evacuation are also included in system solutions. Compared to glass, it offers superior functionality values ​​such as impact resistance, lightness, superior thermal insulation and light transmittance, as well as designer options with more visuality with its wide color options. LED lighting systems, which can be integrated into these systems that provide natural light during the day, create magnificent visuals at night with the artificial light they provide. Megalux, Multilux and Newlux can be used in all facade skylight coatings. Thermolux products are used in the facade skylight system developed for facade sandwich panel facade cladding.