polinet polycarbonate


A roof covering with approximately 2500 m2 of polycarbonate panels was made on the Laodikeia (Pilgrimage) Church in the Ancient City of Laodikeia, which was included in the World Cultural Heritage Temporary List by UNESCO, in order to protect it from climatic conditions and external factors.

As a polycarbonate coating material,  20 mm thick MegaLux polycarbonate panels with U locking system of Polinet company were selected. The teeth  on both sides of MegaLux polycarbonate panels ensure a great advantage for easy panel connections, providing waterproofing on polycarbonate panel joint surfaces. MegaLux system with ultraviolet protection against sun rays and wide color alternatives; Thanks to the form they have, polycarbonate panels can be used as a roof and facade skylight  for very long distances. The features provided by the MegaLux system will contribute to revealing and preserving the architectural richness of Laodikeia (Pilgrimage) Church.

Laodikeia (Pilgrimage) Church, which was discovered during the 2010 excavations in Laodikeia Ancient City, and the excavation works were completed in the same year, during the time of the Great Constantinus (306-337 A.D.) It was built with his release in 313. The church is of great importance in the history of Christianity as it is one of the first 7 churches mentioned in the Bible.