Polinet roof polycarbonate skylight products and systems, with their superior features, provide easy and safe integration with all kinds of roof forms and industrial, and traditional roofing types. While polycarbonate products provide the most efficient way to distribute natural light to the interior spaces with ultraviolet protection, the unique structure of the systems offers superior advantages such as durability, heat, wind and water insulation. Among all these roof skylight systems, there are Polynet roof windows and roof windows for natural ventilation and smoke evacuation. automation systems are also included. It offers a wide system, product and color variety, extremely creative options and real solutions with very high visuality and functionality.
Easylux, Masterlux and Grecalux products are used on industrial roofs, especially with roof sandwich panel roofing. Megalux and Thermolux products can be integrated with all roof types. Multilux and Newlux products can be used as vertical skylights on flat or flat roofs. Newlux products can also be used on flat sloped roofs.