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Professional Polycarbonate Products & Systems in Skylight Architecture

Our products, which consist of high quality polycarbonate panels that we produce with advanced technology, provide high light quality, natural or artificial multi-feature lighting opportunities in the roof and facade cladding of buildings.

Our polycarbonate panels and sheets offer rich architectural design possibilities that include systemic solutions, thanks to their special forms and superior technical features. Our polycarbonate products and systems provide many rational, functional and economic advantages with their excellent product performance, superior heat-water-wind insulation properties, easy-fast-safe application details. Polinet & its authorized representatives offer complete professional polycarbonate coating systems, consisting of high quality and customized solutions, which can be supplied ready for installation in your special projects, together with project & technical consultancy and application services.


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Get the most accurate result by using these wonderful products and systems of Polinet in your projects!