Interlocking Polycarbonate Panel System 2 Walls

Professional Polycarbonate System Products in Transparent Roof and Facade Coatings

Megalux 2-Wall Locked System

Modular two-walled polycarbonate panels included in the Megalux locking system offer more economical solutions for open space and roof and facade cladding that do not require high thermal insulation.

Megalux panels with a width of 60 cm, which are offered to the market in 8-10-12 mm thickness, are easily and safely attached to the stone construction with aluminum or steel clips attached to the tabs on both sides.

They provide fast installation by locking each other with polycarbonate or aluminum lock profiles attached to the panel tabs.

Megalux locked system offers excellent air and water insulation along with high resistance to roof and facade loads such as snow and wind. The fact that both sides can be produced with ultraviolet protection provides alternative application opportunities.

Megalux double-walled panels, which provide very good light transmittance with alternatives according to thickness and color types, offer qualified architectural solutions to create wide transparent light areas in roof and facade claddings with these superior product and system features.

Scope of application

-For Flat or Curved Roofs
-In Facade Cladding
-Sports, Art, Industrial Buildings
-Commercial, Health, Educational Buildings
-Bus, Gas Station, Parking Lot
-Market area, Walkways

Megalux System Advantages

-High Light Transmittance
-Wide Color Alternatives
-High Heat and Air Insulation
-Very Good Fire Performance
-UV Protected
-200 times more strength than glass
-10 Years Warranty
-Fast and Easy Application



As a result of the processes performed on the surfaces of the polycarbonate panels during the production process, the visual effects, light transmittance properties, thermal insulation values, UV and impact resistance performances of the products can be increased; In this way, products that offer more climatic and visual comfort solutions can be obtained.


SP-Strong Surface Protection

It is the process applied to the surface of the product in order to increase the resistance of the product against paint, alcohol and oils, for applications made in areas with risk of vandalism such as scratches and graffiti.



UV-Plus / Enhanced UV Protector

Actions taken to further increase the resistance of products against yellowing and to extend the warranty period.



Matte surface/ Mattefinishing

Processes performed for the purpose of more comfortable light propagation by reducing the glare and reflection on the product surfaces.



IR / InfiratedReflective

Preventing infrared rays. Processes aimed at increasing indoor comfort by reducing thermal heat.



Metallic Colors:  Metallic Grey, Gold, Copper

Standard Colors: Transparent, Opal

Other Colors: Ice White, Bronze, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Glass Green, Red

Please contact our office for other project-based colors apart from these products.

buz beyazı

Ice White

metalic greey

Metallic Gray



Please contact our office for other project-based colors apart from these products.









glass green

Glass Green